Lecture Titles

  • Does Christian Science really heal sickness and sin?

    This lecture emphasizes the healing power of practical scientific prayer. It offers four healing illustrations showing how simply turning to God in prayer brought perfect solutions: 2 physical healings; one dramatic financial turn around; and a medically treated case for many years of a Bi-Polar condition.

  • If God is All, where is He at this moment?

    This lecture includes John’s own healing of a severe drug habit while in his mid-twenties. Its message focuses on the 2 cardinal points of Christian Science: the absolute nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good. There are 2 other healing illustrations: a quick recovery from the effects of a car accident and an instantaneous healing of a small lump.

  • Oh boy, What do I do now?

    This lecture invites the listener to explore the thought atmosphere of God, the beauty of holiness, where all lasting solutions exist. Healings include protection from a high-speed collision; loss of income and property value restored after the market plunged 22% in 1987; a medically diagnosed case of a terminal illness; and instant recovery from heat stroke.

  • Who is Mary Baker Eddy?

    This lecture offers a comprehensive portrait of Mary Baker Eddy as she understood God, her fellow man, and the universe through the lens of Christian Science. It also gives special insight into the way she defines herself through her writings. It includes three accounts of healing: 1) of an individual who appeared to have passed on, 2) a healing effected by Mary Baker Eddy with an analysis of her treatment, 3) the speaker’s own account of fighting off ill effects through spiritual regeneration which brought him into the public practice of Christian Science.

  • Spiritual Rebirth-Transforming Your Life

    This lecture addresses the deep significance of “being born again.” John speaks briefly of renewal taking place in some of the countries he visited on an around - the - world lecture tour. He focuses on how Christ, the ever-advancing light of Truth, holds the power to transform any situation, however severe. The testimonials of healing include an individual freed from a 17 year drug addiction; one whose life was transformed from a debilitating illness and loss of confidence to fresh insights and new opportunities; and the complete restoration of a severe knee condition of the speaker as he overcame some aggressive character traits. This lecture is designed to waken thought from hopelessness and despair to the regenerating power of Christian Science.

  • Defeating violence with prayer

    Around the world, societies and individuals are grappling with the problem of violence, searching for an alternative. This lecture offers prayer as a solution. It presents two illustrations of individuals who overcame violent impulses through prayer that awakened each of them to their true spiritual nature as a child of God. Through an acknowledgement of wrong, both had major character transformations that resulted in physical healings as well: one of a severely injured hand that occurred during a fist fight, and the other of fractured facial bones from a motorcycle accident, and a medically diagnosed case of diabetes. This lecture also includes an account of an individual that had been shot six times who recognized that his quick and complete recovery included his forgiveness of his assailant. The major thrust of this lecture is to emphasize that evil cannot be defeated with evil, but that it can be overcome and destroyed through our prayers and good efforts.